About Silver Fox Comics: Somewhere down in the lovely city of Sydney, Australia is a new independent publisher called Silver Fox Comics. Silver Fox Comics  is the comic world’s best kept secret - an exclusive independent comic publishing venture producing world class comics that only the most discerning comic book readers know about.
    Launched in 2010 out of Western Sydney, Silver Fox Comics is the brainchild of Sorab Del Rio. The debut release in 2011 was a new take on the legendary pulp fiction character Zorro. This is an officially licensed release in conjunction with Zorro Productions. The new Zorro comics were only released in Australia.

    In 2012, it was announced that Silver Fox’s version of Zorro will be released in Germany. A European publisher will be translating and publishing the works.
    2012 also marks the year Silver Fox Comics releases their own creator owned works. Currently in the works is the graphic novel “Zombie Cities”.
This graphic novel will be unlike any other zombie comic ever seen - stories set in countries and about how each country adapts to the challenge fusing politics, culture and fashion. If you liked “Zombieland”, “Shaun of the Dead”, this graphic novel will be perfect for you - we’re playing as much for laughs as we are horror.

It’s a no holds barred graphic novel featuring President Obama in Washington Zombies proclaiming “Yes We Can..Kill Zombies”, to a British royal family cover-up involving Prince Harry and Will conducting a hit on a rogue fleet street reporter who leans the Queen is now a zombie, from Paris - the Zombie who wins the Nobel Peace Prize, to the streets of fashion obsessed Tokyo where 3 teenage girls discover a George Cloony advertised tokoyaki food stand becomes the infection ground for zombies, to my home town Sydney where a zombie outbreak errupts across Luna Park, the Harbour Bridge, the QVB and a father in search of his daughter with the only true Australian weapon - a Don Bradman Cricket Bat to kill zombies. Join us on facebook to see more previews.
This will be launched digitally 2 pages a week and also available in print as our first graphic novel.

Contacts for Silver Fox Comics

Sorab Del Rio (Publisher/ Writer): Sorab grew up in the Australian outback on a sheep shearing town where comics were his only escape from county music. He began his career as an English History teacher before moving into marketing and product development. He is currently working developing licensed memorabilia for Lee Falk’s “The Phantom”. He has been involved in underground independent comic publishing in Australia. The new series of Zorro marks his first major comic book release His next release “Zombies Cities”, “The Adventures of Rudy Cool and Miss Boo”, “Sergeant Skunge, the Terrorist That Never Was” are set for release in late 2012. Sorab likes to write comics at at midnight with a crow on his shoulder.

Email: sorabdelrio@silverfoxcomics.com.au
Phone: 0420 942 985

Don Tichhio (Production Manager): Don has over 30 years experience in graphic design and illustraion. His business DT Graphics develops book cover illustration, point of sale, packaging and advertising. Don has been involved in the Australian comic book scene for over 20 years working on Issue One Comics, Southern Aurora and Australian War Stories. Don likes drawing ghosts and dinosaurs.

Email: don@dtgraphics.com.au